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Exousia is the title of a proposed visual narrative project. The intent is to explore
the theme of authority or 'exousia' of Jesus as seen throughout the bible.

This project seeks to engage the viewer in the practice of Visio Divina, or "sacred seeing." This practice is an ancient form of Christian prayer in which we allow our hearts and imaginations to enter into a sacred image, in silence, to see what God might have to say to us.



Jesus is identified as the one with absolute exousia. Throughout the bible, it is revealed that "Through him all things were made" and that He has rule and mastery over disease, temptation, angels and demons, natural elements, human thought, sin and judgment, and even life and death itself.


The images are created in a wide, cinematic style format. The concept would be a book filled with striking imagery flanked by scripture, with pages of written commentary that explores the significance and what that means in our own lives.

Then Jesus came to them and said,
“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.

Matthew 28:18 NIV


Contact: keithloweart@gmail     |  765.661.6724

Instagram @keithloweart

All images are © Keith Lowe 2022

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