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The Fuel Factory: Announcement

Updated: 2 days ago

It’s easy and fun to start projects. It all feels fresh; everything is exciting, endless possibilities. These are great feelings that help motivate us into something new. Unfortunately, I have several projects that are just that—starts.

But ask any seasoned creative, and they'll tell you the truth:

It’s much more difficult to finish.

At a certain point, that new thing becomes work. Things get hard. You have ups and downs. You get frustrated with the work. Things aren't going as expected. Your projects get put aside, sometimes multiple times, in frustration, distraction, and even laziness.

I started this book, now called The Fuel Factory, as one of my MFA thesis prompts with the University of Hartford. I planned to publish it after graduation. Since then, very good things have taken my time and focus. I'm glad for them. But I've longed hoped for a return to publishing in some small way.

I've published many things with friends and partners over the years. Each project was full of trial and error. Success and failure. This book has been no different.

The Fuel Factory represents a journey of slow development. The story thus far is full of closed doors, dead ends, some new friendships, and some guiding words. Conversations and council over the past months have led me to a place where I feel it's time to step back into publishing. Prayerfully, I am in alignment.

I aim to return to the marketplace via Kickstarter starter this August with a new book and companion teaching package. It's a narrative story celebrating the design of one of your many awe-inspiring body systems—digestion. In making this announcement, I'm also accountable now for finishing. I'll share more in the weeks and months ahead.

For now, you can access links to a landing page on my website with a blog that I plan to fill as a kind of developer diary. You can also sign up to be notified when the campaign launches. Please consider following the preview page if interested.

I welcome your prayers and feedback and your future support.

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